You must be a citizen or legal resident to get health insurance on the Marketplace. 

Click here for a list of immigration statuses that are able to get health insurance on the Marketplace. 

Note: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is not an eligible immigration status for applying for health insurance. Federal law restricts many legally residing immigrants from qualifying for Medicaid or CHIP coverage, or requires such immigrants to wait five years before they access coverage. However, some states provide Medicaid or CHIP coverage to legally residing pregnant women and/or children without a waiting period. Learn moreSome states and counties offer opportunities for DACA-eligible individuals to get coverage through state-funded programs. Check with your state to see if more options are available.

If you do not qualify for coverage, but have others in your family who would like to enroll, you can apply on their behalf. Only those who are eligible for coverage have to supply a Social Security Number or immigration documentation, and no information entered in the application will be used for immigration enforcement. A person who is not lawfully present (undocumented individuals), a U.S. citizen living abroad,  or a certain type of non-citizen (resident alien) can claim an exemption from the fee when he or she files federal tax returns.  You can find out more info about the exemption here.

Find more information about how you can assist family members with the application by clicking here.

Whether or not you can get a new health insurance plan, you can still come to us for the care you need, when you need it.

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