The law states that most U.S. citizens and permanent residents must get insurance, or they will have to pay a fine.If you don’t get insured, you will probably have to pay a fine of $695 (per person without insurance in your household, or $347.50 per child) — or 2.5% of your yearly income, whichever is more. You can meet this requirement by:

  1. Getting insurance through the Marketplace
  2. Staying on your parents’ insurance plan until age 26 (some states allow young adults to stay on their parents' plan for longer) 
  3. Having insurance through your job, including COBRA and retiree plans
  4. Having Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, TRICARE or other government-provided coverage.*

*Note: The law requires individuals to have comprehensive health insurance coverage.  Limited-scope coverage, such as Medicaid family planning-only coverage, is not considered to be comprehensive health insurance coverage.

In some additional cases, people without insurance won’t have to pay the fine. For example, if a person is ineligible for Medicaid solely because their state did not expand Medicaid.

Click here for a full list of reasons you might not have to pay the fine.

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